Art Residencies

What is it?



EcoArt is researching how to support environmental work on the island of Caye Caulker in Belize, Central America. This picturesque island jewel faces a raft of environmental sustainability issues which are exaggerated due to its limited resources, its popularity and its tiny size.

How can it help the environment?


Art has a unique ability to engage the public and inspire change. EcoArt is keen to develop links with local organisations in order to understand key enironmental issues on the island and to support local creative projects including the possible development of an artist residency.


Why should I join in?


EcoArt is researching the development of an artist residency on Caye Caulker. Any international artist will be expected to develop links and collaborations with local artists and organisations, have committed to significant public engagement previously in their work while avoiding cultural colonialism. The combined challenges of working in a new culture and in an environment not accustomed to public/non-commercial art; with limited public performance spaces; and with a challenging brief - is expected to substantially develop artistic practice and creative and public engagement abilities. 

EcoArt would hope that any residency experience would inform an artists future practice and thus their effectiveness after the residency to further work towards positive environmental action.

When and where is it?


Annual creative programme, Caye Caulker, Belize, Central America.